Sunday, February 1, 2009

Penny Postcard extravaganza

There are many great genealogy sites on the internet, and one of them is U.S. GenWeb, which offers a wide range of resources. One that we had seen some months ago -- but haven't used much -- came across our desk again last week, thanks to Dan Contonis of Spearfish, a native of Alliance, Nebraska.

It focuses upon old picture postcards that have historical value, and it's quite a treasure trove. This shot of Main Street in Chadron was likely created in the 1920s or early '30s. The old Pace Theatre building is readily identifiable on the right, and I believe that would be the Pullman Cafe immediately across the street on the left-hand side. There are several other Chadron cards in the collection, and you can check them out on this page of U.S. GenWeb.

Of course, there are many more of these penny postcards from all across Nebraska and the entire country. It's a fun site and easy to get lost in it for hours. Give it a try!