Monday, January 10, 2022

Remembering 1949

 For many Nebraskans – if not most – the year "1949" conjures up one thing:  The Blizzard.

Over the years of this website, we've posted little about the Blizzard of 1949; most recently, we shared a story written by the remarkable Con Marshall, whose ability to remember, research, and write about a wide range of history, sporting events, agricultural topics – and just about anything else – is widely recognized and appreciated.  

This posting is simply an update.

First, something new:  fans of Nebraska history are already acquainted with History Nebraska; if not, you should be.  Here's a link to their recent History Nebraska Blog posting of the Blizzard of 1949 – a truly unforgettable winter.  We think you'll enjoy seeing the photos.......and hope you'll also take time to join History Nebraska.  It's well worth it!

Then, re-visit Con Marshall's Blizzard story we posted in 2019.  Enjoy!