Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maika Drug Store

With a tip of the hat to Chris Fankhauser at KCSR, we're able to add a bit of information to our earlier posting about H. F. Maika, who operated a drug store in the early days of Chadron.

Chris recently sent me the following note:

...Henry F. Maika operated HF Maika Drug Store at 117 W. 2nd Street in Chadron beginning in 1912. Mr. Maika passed away in April of 1934, and his wife, Minerva, operated the drug store after that. She passed away in March of 1955. Sometime prior to her death, she allowed someone else to operate the drug store, and it was called Olsen Drug, and then in 1946, Henry Freed purchased the property, and added it to his existing furniture store, which was in operation in Chadron for many years. Hope this helps fill in the gaps. Also, the Maikas came from Rock Falls, IL.

Brother John recently sent me a few old issues of the Chadron Record, and that's where I found a January 9, 1964 story about Dennis Armstrong, pastor of the Church of Christ (Christian) Church in Chadron in the early 1960s.

Although I didn't remember it at the time, I subsequently recalled that Dennis had married Mabelle Maika. The 1964 story in the Record indicated that the Armstrongs were off to Norfolk, Nebraska where he intended to enroll at Nebraska Christian College. I suspect Mabelle Armstrong could provide much information about the old Maika Drug Store in Chadron.