Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chadron native covers the globe…

In an age when "reality" television shows tend to anesthetize a fair percentage of the American population and dumb down our sense of what constitutes a rich and meaningful life, it's gratifying to read about someone who not only makes the most of what they have, but they also make a difference in our world.

What a joy to read about Chadron native Mark Grantham,  shown at right, who's been busy covering a lot of ground and doing a lot of interesting and good things.

Anyone who's lived in Dawes County over the past century or so is familiar with the Grantham name.  Mark  is one of the many Grantham offspring who've done well.   And his story is worth reading. 

Another busy guy, Con Marshall, occasionally offers us a few of his many feature stories -- and we found this one particularly fascinating.

Thank you, Con, for generously sharing this story:

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The big "Spud" of 1918

It was the fall of 1918 and Armistice Day was just around the corner, finally bringing an end to The Great War.  Out here in Dawes  County, Frank Hamaker had just harvested a record crop of potatoes.  There was so much interest in the "Great Spud" that a bushel basket full (that would be one potato) was sent to the governor.  Readers of the October 20th edition of  Omaha Daily Sun learned about it from this photograph and caption.