Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Chadron – Looking north from "C Hill" (1928-29?)

This undated photograph looking north over downtown Chadron was shared with us some 42 years ago by Eva (Cunningham) Galey.  A long-time farm wife, then teacher in Dawes County Schools, Eva had a love of learning – including history.  
The east and west wings of the Normal School "main building" (lower-right) as well as the "training building (lower-left) were built by 1926.  However, we don't see a Library building (now Mari Sandoz Heritage Center) north of the Training building.  That structure would be built in 1929.  We think this photo was taken around 1927-28.   To see this an other "Early Chadron" images, come visit our "Dawes County Gallery."