Friday, May 15, 2020

Those "Alluring Orbs" over western Nebraska...

by Larry Miller

Many of us who live outside western Nebraska are frequently afflicted by pangs of envy....wishing we were closer to our roots and able to enjoy the beauty and history of the place.  Especially Fort Robinson State Park and Chadron State Park.

I do just fine until another issue of Nebraskaland magazine shows up in the mailbox.  Then those pangs start all over again.

Stunning view near Fort Robinson, an image that spurs desire among emigrants to return to the region – if only for a short visit!

Of course, the blame must be placed appropriately at the feet of talented people like Justin Haag, who has the enviable task of traveling western Nebraska, taking pictures, editing stories, and – I believe – living his dream job!  Long-time emigrants like yours truly endure the bittersweet experience of enjoying these glimpses of our old "home region," while pining to return for a visit.  

It was some dozen years ago or so that I first became acquainted with Justin Haag, who was then working at Chadron State College.  He left in 2013 to go to work for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission  I suspect he's never looked back, although he and his wife, Cricket, and their two children still live in Chadron.  A Regional Editor for Nebraskaland magazine, his handiwork as an accomplished photographer becomes more evident all the time.

In fact, the photo shown above is one of several mostly west Nebraska images included as part of an online Nebraskaland feature by Justin.  It offers tips and examples for would-be outdoor photographers. Here is a link to that feature, which focuses (pardon the pun) on the value of including "Those Alluring Orbs" – the sun and moon – into your photographs.  Justin's images will pop your lens cap off!