Friday, March 9, 2018

CSC hosts annual Western District History Days

Students from Chadron and Crawford middle and high schools participated in the annual Western District History Day hosted at Chadron State College Friday, March 2. The theme for the competition was “Conflict and Compromise in History.” The top three students in each category will advance to the state competition Saturday, April 7, in Lincoln.

Thirteen CSC employees, along with 12 community residents, served as judges for the event. Student members of the CSC Social Science Club Cody Madrigal of Omaha, Neb., Katelynn Mendenhall of Terry, Mont., Andrew Smith of Chadron and Skyler Smyres of Crawford, Neb. helped staff members Christine Fullerton and Whitney Hensley organize on-campus logistics. Laure Sinn coordinated check-in and assisted with registration and the awards ceremony.

The judges indicated they reserved the right to not award first place to entries.

Crawford High School student Jada Mader, right, explains her exhibit to Randy Krueger of Alliance, Neb., during Western District History Day at Chadron State College, Friday, March 2, 2018, in the Student Center Ballroom. (Photo by Kelsey R. Brummels/Chadron State College)

Junior (Grades 6-8) Results
Individual Documentary
1, Tyler Kaus, Chadron, “Raze or Renovate: The Conflict to Save the White House.”
Group Documentary
1, Cassidy Nesheim and Jackson Smith, Chadron, “The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall.”
Individual Exhibit
1, Tylea Underwood, Crawford, “For the Love of a Horse;” 2, Kristin Rasmussen, Chadron, “Josef Mengele's Experiments;” 3, Maralee Rischling, Chadron, “Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972.”
Group Exhibit
1, Macey Daniels and Jacey Garrett, Chadron, “The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death;” 2, Riley Ambrose and Ayla Kephart, Chadron, “Ireland - Conflict and Compromise;” 3, Tatum Bailey and Olivia Reed, Chadron, “Nicholas Winton and the Kinder Transport.”
Individual Performance
2, Kylah Vogel, Crawford, “Why, Oh Why, Can’t I?”
Group Performance
3, Claire Fox and Gracie Jones, Chadron, “Modern Dance vs. Ballet - The Fight for Artistic Freedom.”
Individual Interpretive Website
1, Thomas Kaus, Chadron, “Poland: Creating Democracy from Conflict with Compromise;” 2, Brendilou Armstrong, Chadron, “The KKK in the 1920s.”
Group Interpretive Website
1, Bradd Collins and Noah Brown, Chadron, “The French and Indian War;” 2, Michael Sorenson and Dawson Dunbar, Chadron, “Harry Truman and The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb;” 3, Garrett Reece and Cody Hall, Chadron, “K - Syndrome: The Fake Disease that Saved Jewish Lives.”

Senior (Grades 9-12) Results
Group Documentary
1, Bryce Oetken, Nicholas Presson and London Gillam, Crawford, “The KKK: An Enigmatic Organization.”
Individual Exhibit
1(tie), Jada Mader, Crawford, “No Mama, I Didn’t Die;” 1(tie), Aysha Roos, Crawford, “The Danish: Refusing to Compromise;” 2, Ainslee Morrison, Crawford, “It Was an Education.”
Individual Performance
2, Alexis Konruff, Crawford, “Randall Forsberg and the Nuclear Freeze Movement.”
Individual Interpretive Website
1 (tie), Sydney Brown, Chadron, “Mars Exploration; A Conflict and Compromise in Budget;” 1 (tie) Hunter Hawk, Chadron, “The Battle for the Last Frontier: Racial Equality in Space;” 3, Jameson Margetts, Chadron, “The Mormon Trail.”
Group Interpretive Website
1, Grace Sorenson and Lauren Collins, Chadron, “Constance Markievicz: The Countess who Created Conflicts and Refused to Compromise;” 2, Lane Frahm and Hayes Frahm, Crawford, “Video Games: Conflicting Images.”

Special Awards
Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Great Plains: Ainslee Morrison, Crawford, “It Was an Education.”
Military Award: Brady Aschwege, Crawford, “Navajo Code Talkers.”
20th Century, Senior: Sydney Brown, Chadron, “Mars Exploration; A Conflict and Compromise in Budget.”
20th Century, Junior: Thomas Kaus, Chadron, “Poland: Creating Democracy from Conflict with Compromise.”
Women: Grace Sorenson and Lauren Collins, Chadron, “Constance Markievicz: The Countess who Created Conflicts and Refused to Compromise.”
WWII, Senior: Aysha Roos, Crawford, “The Danish: Refusing to Compromise.”
WWII, Junior: Kristin Rasmussen, Chadron, “Josef Mengele's Experiments.”

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