Monday, April 12, 2010

Batter up!

Ah…..smell the popcorn…..the public address system echoes off the fences at War Memorial Baseball Park in Chadron. The music is a traditional march -- probably National City or Stars and Stripes Forever. The year: probably about 1952 or 1953. Baseball season has opened, and you should beware of the wiley West Ward crew! This may be the year they upend the Kenwood battery of Tyon and Steele. Or maybe not.

In any event, the crew shown here comprised the Ward Three baseball team – probably in about 1952. Perhaps you can confirm the year and some of the players.

On the ground, left-to-right: Michael Hoevet, LeRoy Preble, Dale Butler, UNKNOWN, and Maynard King. Standing are: Orville Preble, Cash DeFlon, UNKNOWN, Larry Moore, Bill Hoevet, Melvin White, Ron Moody, Gary Butler, Mickey Megown and Fred King. If you can offer additions or corrections, please e-mail us!

Thanks to ex-Chadronite Larry Moore of Mohave Valley, Arizona, for sharing this great old photo with us. You can get a closer look at the photo above, along with other old Chadron area photos in our Photo Gallery.