Monday, December 14, 2009

Many memories...

In preparing for a class reunion next summer (July 2010) we’ve been chatting with lots of old classmates – some of whom we’ve not seen for about a half a century. While each of us has memories of specific incidents that may not connect with others, it’s always fun when we happen across common ground. Like the “walkout” of 1961.

Almost everyone remembers it, but each of us remembers slightly different versions. Therein lies the fun… trying to connect the dots….er, years……in a way that makes some sense of those diverging memories.

Another bit of common ground is found when we talk about teachers and administrators. Fortunately, many of us tend to forget the poor or nondescript teacher -- there were a few -- but we have more vivid memories of the ones who impacted our lives in some positive way.

And everyone remembers Mr. Schroeder.

Superintendent of Chadron Public Schools for some 20 years, there’s lots we never really knew about H. A. Schroeder – or “Heinie” as he was known to all the grown-ups. Oh, sure, a few knew about his legendary office paddle, and most of us -- at least the boys -- were impressed with his ability to kick a football to the top of the school building. But we really didn't know much about the man.

After he retired from public education and moved back to eastern Nebraska in 1971, most Chadron High School graduates from his era were off making a living in esoteric places like Rawlins, Alliance, Hyannis, Oelrichs, Rapid City, and even Denver and Omaha!

So by the time Con Marshall wrote an excellent story about Schroeder for the Chadron Record, most of us weren’t around to enjoy it. Let’s correct that here.

With Con Marshall’s blessing, we’re pleased to offer you this news feature from 1982, Schroeders...Many Memories.